Darko Bakula

Darko Bakula

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First Name * Darko
Last Name * Bakula
Username * Nightmare106
Country * Croatia
City Zagreb
Nationality Croatian


Availability: Part time


Am a hobbyist in modeling, texturing, animating, I basically started messing around Blender 2 years ago one summer just for funs and I found it interesting so I kept working with it and learning new stuff but then I realized I wished to learn more and I needed more power to do it so I switched to 3ds Max, started playing around with Zbrush and Photoshop. I guess one day I'd like to make my own game for UDK/Unity so if anyone wishes to offer me some help in doing so, you are more than welcome to help teach me something. :) I do this from time to time when I have free time of my own.